Monday, October 03, 2005

Apologize for being late. Rumors...

Sorry for being late. Last night when i went to post it said there was a scheduled down time for reconstruction, or something like that. I swear I'm not lying. Any way, I didn't get much out of this thing really anyways, so its ok if you didn't get a chance to read mine. Like some others said, I totally missed the jet ski comparison. I understood what he was saying about anyone can make fonts now with font making programs, which at times manages to create trash type. But then i wonder, how can you call something a person made, as in a type face trash. Yeah it might not be as nice as fonts that have been made by hand years ago, but that "trash" type face that an amateur might have made, could have made a design he was working on 100 times better. Yeah it might not be a good typeface for every project, but who knows when you might be working on a project and you might find that crappy font to be perfect for what your trying to make. I think if you can find a use for a type face, or even if you make a few dollars off a typeface, then how can you call it trash? Obviously its good for something. I think some people are afraid of embracing technology and letting it become a part of the design world. It's going to happen, and this wave he talks about, I feel is just going to become a bigger and bigger wave, which might not ever crash. I do agree that there are type faces or fonts that have been created that look so much nicer than a typeface a 10 year old came up with on a creating fonts program. That doesn't mean his font is crap. It could have a use who knows. It's time as designers to realize the world we live in changes, and yeah some changes are bad and some are good, but I think we need to experience all changes to realize which are good and bad, and if that means using some shitty type faces, well then damnit use them, don't just bag them before trying them.


Anonymous Eric West said...

So you're saying, because someone makes it, it can't be trash? It's quite simple. The are RULES to making type. This isn't a subjective postmodern endeavor. Making a text face, there is probably a 10 percent tolerence in how much it can vary , so someone who doesnt know the rules dont know what they are doing. A display face has a higher tolerance for variation, but very similar rules still apply. So, you want me to try type I don't like, so I can not like it some more?

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