Sunday, October 23, 2005


Ok, Ummm I really didnt know what to say to this. Lowercase letters...hmmmm well i think they are easier to read than capitals. Is that enough? Is that all I have to say for this one? Well I read this wonderful critical writing on the use of using all lowercase letters ahnd really nothing came to mind. I have seen several poems though that use all lowercase writing. There's also a book called the House of Leaves, I believe that was what it was called. Well this book was really messed up. Stuff was written on the page diagnally, vertically and just jumbled on the page at parts, really crazy page layouts. But anyways there was a few pages where everything was written in just lowercase letters. Also sometimes the author even left out the punctuation. Now that was hard to read, but over all i think everything in lower case is just easier read than capitals, even though when i print I rarely use lowercase letters. Usually all caps. I think this is kind of coming back though. I've noticed in stuff my little sister types, esp when she sends an email or stuff like that, that she never uses caps, and rarely uses punctuation. I think it comes from all her instant messaging to friends. I think when people instant message people they rarely write correctly, and after doing that often they just get used to not capitalizing stuff or using correct punctuation. Hmm.... I think that's all I have to say. Maybe ill think of some more before Tue. It was just too hard to write or think, or anything like that after being at a Bengals game and watching a nasty slaughter. damn them steelers, damn them in lower case letters.


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