Sunday, October 02, 2005

Due dates are hard, chaos is easy (according to Newton)

Death of Typography

It really frightens me that someone who is in an art-based field could compare grunge typefaces and distorted letters the death of typography. Where is this guys mind? I’m sure everything he’s ever made is done in Futura and Garamond because they’re more like “programs” than any kind of typeface that might push the limits. If there isn’t someone constantly pushing the limits and testing what you can get away with, who’s to say what the limits are? Weather you like alternative design or think it’s ugly, it helps us all, even the Garamond lovers. Without all the so-called “jet-skiers”, who would move the industry forward? Conservatism in design risks becoming stagnant. You never know what you can get away with until you try. Trash type is a trend. I don’t think many people think it will be popular forever, but I do think many people can appreciate it for its experimentation with legibility.

I thought Newton’s quote turned up some interesting ideas. Order is important. Even trash design has to have some kind of order to be successful. Even in the Dadaists you can find some kind of order and their movement was based partially on randomness. But I don’t think order is as difficult to make as the author makes it seem. There is even order in chaos, even if Newton is a tough sell on the principal. The human eye likes order and right now the human eye likes trash type… Interesting concept, thanks to all the jet-skiers out there we can find out what kind of order is in trash type that makes it so appealing. I’m down for trash type so don’t be a hater.

-chris ritter


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