Monday, October 24, 2005

More than two people read it but at least one of them was dead this weekend

Hello all this is really late I know I debated on whether or not to post it but in the end turning it in late annoyed me less than not turning it in at all.

I really couldn't get my head around this yes as designers we could rise as one and omit capitals from our designs, but we are not the teachers we do not teach English to the young ones and that is where the traditions start that is where they are entrenched into the minds of the people. I just don't see the relevance of removing part of our language yes I understand that can be considered unnecessary but in the same right (as stated before) they give emphasis. I feel they allow you to comprehend faster and frankly I like them. This debate is really in the vein of society and not in the vein of designers so as the culture changes we will see but this article was written in 1929 and they haven't left yet so I do not believe they will anytime soon because L33t is not as elite as most believe it to be and is having quite a backlash on the net a lot of people are returning to the traditions just to make them different. But who knows maybe one day we will lose our capitals just as it seems we have lost our handwriting it is all in the evolution of society.


Anonymous Eric West said...

What we have now in writing is the representation of the latin alphabet since the time of the trajan column. Ridding ourselves of the origins probably isn't a good idea. This sounds like a bunch of postmodern history/language revisionism, which is pushed by people who want to be famous/smart, but the concept has no solid foundation. It's like the people who want to revise English so words are spelled EXACTLY as they sound, denying it's historical evolution.


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