Sunday, October 02, 2005

"Rumors of the Death of Typo"

The whole idea of moving on in the world and experiencing new things enhances our growth mentally. When designing a type, one should always start from the foundation to appreciate the art form of clarity and elegance of a type design that was skillfully drawn to perfection. Incorporating the knowledge from history of type helps one develop a scence of direction and a focal point of where to start. Starting a font or design takes patience as well as involvement with the visual image itself. One might find that the clear visual signs are widely understood methods of messages that are transmitted quickly and if not seen visually accepting or understood, it will quickly evaporate in time. Those new fonts "Trash Type" in some aspects can carry some lasting value that we may learn from and develope our own ideas with exposure for new creative designs. Good or bad, these fonts should not be dismissed so easily because learning from good and bad art designs enhance our ablity to become a better designer.



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