Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rumors of Death

Sorry guys i know its a little late, but better late than never.
Anyways, while I was reading the article by Peter Fraterdeus on the Rumors of Typography, I thought, what the hell does Jet ski's and northwestern Washington have anything to do with typography. I just really didnt make the connection besides we are all "terminally immature kids who are rebelling against their eternally authoritarian elders". Besides that, I do feel that Fraterdeus did have a point and that there is alot of bad fonts, however i feel that if the font, weather it be good or bad fits the context that you are working in and helps your design, then use it. If a font is truly a bad font, then im sure it wont be used and it will disapear and the good fonts will stay. Peter says "The wave of trash type and grunge "typography" is just that- a wave" Well, this article was written in1996 and I think that if trash fonts were just a wave, then i think that the wave would have passed and we would be on to something else and people like Fraterdeus would writting articles saying how the new generation of designers are crap and we will all suck.

Well, i have nothing else to say. Then first two pages of this article ment nothing. I got more information out of that last couple of paragraphs then the whole article.


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