Sunday, October 02, 2005


As I read this article, I was saying to myself "yeah yeah, this whole dirty type thing is just a trend. he's right.." but then when I saw that the article is nearly 10 years old, I started to think differently.

I like the grungy type. I think for the right design, there are lots awesome dirty fonts that look just great. Is it a trend? I dunno. It depends on what defines a movement and what defines a trend. I would say that dirty, grungy font is still popular, so that would mean we've been worrying about this for like, 10 years already. seems a little long for a trend.
I dont' really care much about the flood of shitty fonts being made by 15 year olds on their pirated software. I don't care if i pay a shit-ton of money for the type, or if i download it off some shitty font site. if the typeface looks good and fits the design I want to make, then I'm going to use it. The good fonts will float to the top because people will use them. the shit fonts that 15 year old Billy makes at 3 in the morning with blood running em and spikes everywhere will disappear because no one wants to use them so people will stop providing them. If you're the idiot using those fonts, you probably won't make it as a designer anyway, so we won't see your awful work with awful fonts and it will all just basically disappear.

I will agree that making stressed dirty typefaces is probably easier than making a nice super-measured out font (I've never done it, so i really wouldn't know). It's just like my opinion of fine art. I think all the shitty artwork out there is just because making really good artwork is too hard. It's too hard to draw and paint really really well, so people bullshit about their art and make it seem about a "message" when really, it's just because the asshole can't paint or draw for shit. That's another story though.

Grunge fonts....use em if you like em. don't if you have them.
don't worry so much about the idiots pumping out crappy fonts on their home computers. if they really are bad fonts, dont use em and don't worry about the idiot who does. their work will look stupid because of it, which just means less competition for you.
....can we just talk about nazis again?


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