Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well as i read this article I am not really sure what to think of it. I didnt really get much from the reading.

First I wanna say that i dont care whats postmodernist and what mondern its all part of the evolution of design. However, there are a few points that i agree and disagree with.
Mr. Keedy says "We don't need to conserve our past and resist change. We need to construct our future theoretical discourse, carefully, around the particular and exciting context of design. We must allow ourselves to look at design in new and challenging ways, we must look for-ourselves." I agree that we should push design and look for new ways but, I think that it is immature to say that we dont need to conserve our past. The past is where we evolved fromand we should respect that and learn to grow from that. Designers should grow and take what they have learned and continue pushing design or start pushing design.

I never have much to say so this is it. And im at work so i gotta get back to watching the Bengals game.


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