Sunday, October 23, 2005

zombies....blahghg BRAINS!

As I read this article, all I kept thinking was "why is it so important whether design is modernist or postmodernist?" I don't care how you label my design or illustration. As long as you like it, I don't care where you think it fits in or doesn't fit in.

As for conservative values in design, I think that's understandable. Everything is about money. Sure there are always going to be radicals who make their millions by doing something totally off-the-wall. Neville Brody sure tried some new things and he's at the tippy top of things, right? But people like to play it safe, especially with their money. Big businesses don't want to spend shit-tons of money on advertising that might be too edgy or different for the paying public to understand. It just seems that tradition and conservatism don't scare people, so companies stick with conservative design, so that's where the money is.

I do think, however, that experimentation is important. I think that Michael Rock is crazy when he says "Perhaps the most socially irresponsible work is the overdesigned, overproduced, typographic stunts that serve no real function, speak only to other designers and the cultural elite, and through opulence and uselessnessrevel in a level of consumption that glorifies financial excess."

I think that's nuts. Typographic stunts can be particularly amazing. I think making design for design sake is absolutely necessary. Looking through collected books, the interesting images are usually nice to look at because it's experimental. We see beer and bank advertisements everday, but seeing design that resembles a painting or collage begins to be more interesting. That's why I love some of my favorite illustrators. They push the limit of the page, but sometimes it's almost like they're pushing the limits of design. They include type and layouts in their illustration, and often end up being better "design" than most Design that I see, even though they're purely visual and often hardly conceptual.

I hate elitism, but I do think it's important for designers to make things that may confuse the general public, but might inspire other designers who know this "language" and care about these values.

However, I look forward to this zombie outbreak. I read my survival guide and I'm heading to super walmart to stand my ground. anyone who wants to come with me, that's cool. they won't get my brains....god damn zombies.


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