Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ok...I agree? This essay about the limitless uses for the grid system would be very informative for the uninformed, but since I already know everything, I got kinda bored and kept playing with my dogs instead of reading. Sure, the grid brings order and makes things easier to lay out, but is it "the basis for democratic behavior"?

Then he starts talkin bout Pythagoras and the Greeks and the Golden Section, and it kind of starts to make sense. I think about what I know about these thinkers (then I think about that movie Pi) and it becomes clear to me that the grid IS necessary for the continuation of life! Just like the spiral and the Golden Section can be found everywhere in nature, so too can the grid be found in all that is good design. If there were NO grid there would be BAD design and

people would be pissed off all the time from looking at ugly stuff all day
they would take it out on everybody else and there would be all kinds of domestic abuse
people would start fights with strangers cause they get no lovin at home, wars would break out over stupid shit, those in power would manipulate all that the public knows, civil unrest would run rampant, and everybody would die all because some jackass designers refused to use the grid to make things pretty and make people happy...

...or is this happening already?


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