Wednesday, November 09, 2005


A grid system can be used for alot of things including good ole graphic design, I agree with whats said, grids can make layouts easier to organize and easier and cleaner to present information. Grid systems are easy ways to create a good compostion, but then again some grid layouts can be extremely boring. I read something somewhere sometime, and dont know why I remember it, but someone said that life and society is like a grid. Everyone living in a society lives in their own grid area and normally no one leaves their boundaries of the grid. Life is has certain layouts that the norm follows. But he continued to say that, the people who leave their grid boundaries are the ones that make an interesting difference, good or bad. Someone might do something great with their life by leaving the normal boundaries, but then people can end up in bad positions. I think this is similar to to design. Grids are good, but sometimes when you break that grid the design can be that much better. Thanks to Tim he let me see a book called Making and Breaking the Grid, or something like that, and it showed ways that a grid system can be used good when the boundaries of the grid are followed, but then it also showed ways that breaking that constraint can make the design so much strong. Thanks Tim. Anyways, thats really all I can think about to say for this. And me unlike some others are only 30 minutes late. Oh well...I guess we'll talk more tomorrow about this wonderful topic.


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