Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I believe whole-heartedly in grids. I find myself using some form of grid each time I go to design anything that involves type. I feel like a good grid is comparable to the human skeleton; vital to an organized anatomy. When a grid is used improperly, it is like seeing someone with way too many vertebre or tiny femurs.

I do find myself using very simple grids, however. I typically don't use increments smaller than an eighth of an inch, because too much math makes my head spin.

Although I think most students will acknowledge the importance of a grid system, I can't really think of a single class that extensively covered the subject. I'm not really sure where it introduced, because obviously the majority of us understand the concept.

It sometimes becomes irratating to me when a grid is too apparent. I'm not really sure why, since it technically means the design is well-organized, but if every single object is perfectly aligned to the same guideline, it is too easily visible and drives me nuts.

This response is really less a cohesive writing as it is a series of thoughts tied together poorly. Sorry to whoever reads this, I am having a poor writing day.


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This for some reason would not post, so I had to keep trying and trying, so this is late.

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