Wednesday, November 09, 2005

troubled rudy

First, I don't think we should worry so much. "Type is only half the story and how type is used is what really counts. Educate users and crummy rip-off versions will simply disappear." I agree with this, and think it expresses my beliefs as well.

I think it's ridiculous that typefaces cannot be copyrighted. why would anyone spend a whole lot of time to make a fantastic typeface, only to not be able to protect it and have everyone steal it. i know i'd rather make a copyrighted illustration myself.

Where do we draw the line though? I honestly don't know. It seems almost as impossible to define what a typeface is as it is to define art. is type utilitarian, and when does it become too illegible to be called a typeface? I really don't know and don't think there will be a solution. just make em copyrightable, and we won't have the problem.


Anonymous Eric West said...

When it ceases to communicate, it is no longer type.

8:22 AM  

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