Wednesday, November 09, 2005


CRAP! ok tobias i swear i had this done on time. i did it at like, 3:00. but chris just called me and said "i can't read your thing, it is green and says draft" so now i am going to try to send it again as the real thing. i hate fucking technology. fuck blogs. blogs and text messaging make me feel old and incompetent:

that is total bullshit that you cannot copyright a typeface. whose idea was that? i would like to kick his ass. at first i thought this was going to be a napster-esque sob story about copyright infringement and stealing and whatnot. i mean people are always going to take shit that isn't theirs and take credit for it. but the fact that in the united states it is perfectly legal to do that with a typeface is just ridiculous. the argument about type being "utilitarian" and one typeface not being artistically different from another just doesn't make any sense. i mean yea yea, a lot of typefaces look really similar, especially to people who aren't nerdy design majors, but there is still enough difference in them that they can be considered individual artistic creations. thereore they should be copyrighted. this is not rocket science. i mean i don't really have that much to say about this article other than i totally agree with it, but i do think it is sad that type companies are having a hard time staying open because they can't make a profit because everyone is stealing their shit. and i mean i guess you could say that we don't need the big companies just to have people who want to create new typefaces. i mean in the past, typeface design was an individual endeavor. However, i doubt if somebody like baskerville or whoever would have been inspired and motivated and kept churning out type if he new that his shit was going to get jacked and he would get no recognition for it. i mean the process of creating a typeface is long and frustrating and i would not really want to do it if i new all my hard work was just going in the toilet because some asshole in new jersey or wherever can just copy it and be like "yea, this is my original type design, what bitch?". ok i have to go on a field trip. later.

yea, so that was it, and i swear it was totally done on time.


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